The Dude Abides!

My competition entry for a commercial advertising a massage app starring my very own ‘Dude’ (based on the character from the fabulous ‘The Big Lebowski’)

Candy Says - Not Kings

My latest music video. This time for the band Candy Says. Very different from my last one!

Hate having to stop what I’m doing to eat/drink/poop etc. Come on people, invent a robot body my mind/soul can migrate to!

New acting headshot (selfie on a manual lens, which is a pain in the ass!)image

Since no one has gone on Youtube to watch my Steampunk Music Video I made for Amber States I thought I’d bring it to you directly on Tumblr! There’s absolutely no excuse not to watch it now!

Enjoy; oh and if anyone wants a music video made, an actor (yes, I did star in my own music video because I couldn’t find anyone else) or is hiring for the film/tv industry please keep me in mind!

Just woke up, looked in the mirror and thought “hey, that’s not me” but it turns out it actually is.